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Dear Workforce Why 360s Aren’t Right for Us—or Are They?

By Staff Report

Sep. 14, 2010

Dear Doing a 360:

I’m not sure why you think 360 reviews won’t work at your small firm. I have seen them used successfully with leadership teams composed of as few as seven people.

Nevertheless, you could choose to take the long way around by developing a detailed chart of management competencies and evaluating your leaders based on their behaviors. The process of developing this elaborate and detailed chart can be very enlightening for the people involved.

I recently conducted a couple of seminars for the YMCA of the USA, which uses just such a chart. It is most impressive and is a tremendous tool in helping the YMCA develop and evaluate its leaders. Even though it took months to develop, it turned out to be a developmental process for all involved. And now the YMCA’s leaders have an effective tool that is specific to their organization.

Engage an independent consultant to shepherd you through this process. The objectivity provided will be invaluable in helping you develop an accurate and effective tool.

SOURCE: Joyce L. Gioia, Herman Group, Austin, Texas

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