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Dear Workforce How Can I Manage Retention During Downsizing

By Staff Report

Sep. 7, 2011

A Dear Juggler:

Consider this from the employee’s point of view. They are bound to ask themselves the following questions: why should I continue working here? What’s in it for me?

They will look at the compensation package, the challenge of the work, the flexibility, the fun, or the prospect of continuous employment. Then employees will ask: ‘will I have another job to go to–one that I want–right after leaving? My income must continue so I can support my family/lifestyle; what guarantees do I have? How will my workload change? How about the type of work I will do?’

Armed with this perspective, go to your employees and ask them what concerns need to be answered. Work with your people collaboratively. Ask for their ideas.

SOURCE: Roger E. Herman, CSP, CMC, FIMC, The Herman Group, Greensboro, North Carolina, author ofKeeping Good People, Jan. 27, 2003.

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