Ceridian: Optimas Gold Winner for Innovation

By Ariel Parrella-Aureli

Oct. 30, 2017

HR software company Ceridian takes pride in working for people and looking to them as assets and not costs.

Specializing in onboarding and transboarding (moving from one department to another), Ceridian’s innovative Dayforce Onboarding initiative increased employee engagement by giving new workers a detailed understanding of the organization on their first day and easily transferring employee information through HR processes that also led to accurate and effective time management.

The Minneapolis-based company hired 1,650 new employees in the past two years and wanted to immediately include employees into the company culture. As a result, employees get to work faster and more efficiently and can set realistic expectations. The program also limits potential first-year attrition.

Chief People Officer Lisa Sterling sought to modernize the onboarding experience. Technology, communication, collaboration and employee connectivity with personalized experiences were key parts to making the initiative successful.

“It is an honor to be recognized with an Optimas award in the category of Innovation,” Sterling said. “Dayforce technology is about culture and is a force for transformation. As many have come to realize, career success is no longer just about having all the right skills, but also the right behaviors. Dayforce Onboarding’s focus on the cultural integration aspects of starting a new job or new role is a prime example of how cultural fit is coming to the forefront of HCM technology.”

Enhancing employee engagement was a cultural aspect sewed into the program, which focuses on personal interaction, happiness in the workplace and having career advice ready from HR professionals.

“By engaging individuals faster, Ceridian improves retention, bolsters the employer brand and better enables employees to do their jobs,” according to the award application.

With the help of technological interaction to introduce teams through Dayforce TeamRelate by showing bios and pictures, co-workers immediately get to know their incoming colleagues and can get the ball rolling even before a new employee’s first day. This fast-moving direction has also garnered other awards for Ceridian’s program, which helps put them in good standing as an industry innovator.

For its efforts to use its robust training and onboarding program as a recruiting tool, Ceridian is the 2017 Optimas Award Gold winner for Innovation.

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Ariel Parrella-Aureli is a Workforce intern.

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