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Care Agency Services uses to provide care for the elderly and disabled

By Gustav Anderson

Dec. 1, 2021

For 12 years, Care Agency Services (CAS) has provided temporary staffing solutions for healthcare organizations serving some of the most vulnerable members of the community. Focused on elderly, mental, and disability care, CAS has steadily grown since its inception, now supplying 120 highly-trained temporary employees to a variety of healthcare facilities.


As a healthcare staffing agency, CAS juggled employee schedules and timesheets across a wide range of client locations, each one having specific labor requirements; this posed some serious challenges for CAS administrators. 

For one, scheduling was overly complicated and highly decentralized. Managing hundreds of schedules across their client locations was cumbersome and unforgiving whenever changes needed to be made. 

Their previous workforce management system also required constant data re-entry between onboarding, timekeeping, and payroll systems; this increased operational overhead and raised concerns regarding the privacy of employee data.

CAS needed a single cloud-based system that could handle all scheduling across multiple locations. The new system needed to be intuitive for both managers and employees, and it needed to be comprehensive enough to safely automate medical certification and pay compliance. CAS also needed a system that would ensure the security of all their sensitive employee information. 


Care Agency Services recognized as the perfect fit for its array of complex needs. The platform packs powerful automation, privacy, and compliance into a user-friendly experience for all staff to use. 

“ has the same capabilities regardless of scale,” says Chris Gleadhill, the HR and recruitment manager for CAS. “It’s simple, streamlined, and all in the cloud. We don’t need to handle too many components to get the job done.”

Care Agency Services responds to client requests faster than ever now, confidently scheduling its staff across a wide range of locations, all the while staying compliant with medical certifications and data privacy. 


Utilizing’s scheduling, timekeeping, onboarding, and labor compliance features, Care Agency Services is better equipped to do its part in caring for the elderly and disabled. Here are some of the highlights that came from their partnership with

Greater visibility across multiple locations

To keep staff information organized properly between all client care facilities, CAS assigns each employee to a location in Doing this enables CAS to automatically apply different hourly rates, pay differentials, and medical certification requirements based on these locations. 

Organizing staff in this way provides CAS with greater visibility into frontline issues like engagement, burnout, labor costs, and no shows. 

Easily maintainable schedules

CAS can now quickly create and publish a variety of schedules across multiple locations all through’s single platform. They can make changes to these schedules in real-time, accounting for no-shows and shift replacement requests. When making these changes, managers can even view variances in labor costs directly on the schedules. 

Through the app, employees can check their schedules, submit time off, and request shift replacements. Managers can view schedules by client location, making it easy to understand where and when staff is on duty. 

Enhanced configuration allows CAS to create as many permission levels as it would like with varying access to confidential employee information. While the head office has access to all records for employee onboarding and payroll, each client only has access to basic information like staff schedules and medical certifications. 

Elimination of data re-entry

With fluid transferring of data between onboarding, time and attendance, and payroll, CAS no longer spends administrative hours on needless data re-entry.’s open API integrates the software perfectly with other systems, automating the secure exchange of data and reducing monotonous manual labor to a thing of the past. 

Automated wage & hour compliance

To accommodate specific client labor requirements, CAS managers can use qualification tags in to ensure employees are scheduled in roles for which they have proper certification. Anytime an employee is assigned to a shift they are not qualified for, the action is flagged for a manager to review. Staying medically compliant across a variety of locations has never been so easy. also automatically applies complex HR policies and pay calculations such as overtime, shift differentials, and other premiums to timesheets, making the payroll process quick and compliant. 

Through their partnership with, Care Agency Services connects high-quality care providers with the elderly and disabled more effectively than ever before. No longer plagued with workforce inefficiencies, staff and management alike can be confident in their ability to go the extra mile for clients, patients, and the community at large.  

Gustav is a communications and product marketing specialist for He has a keen interest in frontline labor issues, pigeons, and fulfilling every level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

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