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2019 Optimas Award Winners for Managing Change

By Kerry Snider

Oct. 28, 2019

The Managing Change award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated adaptability and agility in successfully developing a program in response to the changing business environment. Here are the winners for 2019:

Gold: LaSalle Network

Expanding the workforce can be daunting, especially when hiring en masse, but LaSalle Network saw the challenge as an opportunity.

LaSalle Network has hired 200 new employees in the past two years, with 90 current staff members in the last year promoted from within. But without a formal training and development program in place, company leaders were seeing some of their new hires resign within the first three months. They felt ill-equipped to do their job and were unhappy as a result.

In order to ensure they were hiring the right people and equipping them for a successful first few weeks and months, they invested time, money and resources into revamping their new-hire onboarding and training program to better train and retain new hires. That meant hiring a head of training and three trainers as well as working closely with executive leaders to craft a program that was impactful and engaging.

When revamping its initial training program to accommodate their recent hires, Chicago-based LaSalle Network decided to pull out all the stops with ongoing training and an accreditation program for all employees. The team of trainers helped ensure that the company’s core values were understood and implemented through every step of the orientation or accreditation process.

The new onboarding system isn’t the only tool being used to maintain the company’s 91 percent overall employee engagement rate.

Alongside the two-week intensive new-hire onboarding system, the training team also implemented specific programs in mentoring, coaching and supervisor development.

“We’ve found when we outsource these core functions, they aren’t executed at a level that we believe they can be, and the level of service isn’t what we expect,” said Sirmara J. Campbell, chief human resources officer at LaSalle Network. “So we made the decision and the investment to hire and develop a training team. We believe in promoting from within and creating career paths for our employees who show they have the work ethic and commitment to the company. Our training team is no exception.”

One of the skills emphasized in LaSalle Network’s training and development program is communication. To develop everybody’s speaking skills, every morning employees share with their team members their priorities for the day.

For its efforts to use its training and development program to provide their workforce with continuous learning opportunities, LaSalle Network is the 2019 Optimas Award Gold winner for Managing Change.

Silver: Tata Consultancy Services 

Faced with low attrition rates while trying to expand its workforce, Tata Consultancy Services needed a new onboarding program that would encourage talent to stay.

The iBelong initiative set out to thoroughly welcome new employees while training them, even when working remotely. The online program not only allows for learning company policies, but also creates opportunities for building a network with both customers and fellow employees.

“With the growing number of lateral hires comes the challenge of having them ‘feel’ the same as someone who has always been a TCSer. … With this initiative the new hires associate and identify with TCS although they have to work at customer locations,” TCS stated in its Optimas Award nomination application.

For its efforts to use its iBelong initiative as a means of integrating new employees to their company culture, Tata Consultancy Services is the 2019 Optimas  Award Silver winner for Managing Change.

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Kerry Snider is an editorial associate for Workforce.

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