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2018 Workforce Game Changer: Samantha Chambers

By Mariel Tishma

Jun. 25, 2018

Samantha Chambers, Talent Management Specialist, Kronos Inc.

Over the past seven years, Samantha Chambers has risen from intern to specialist in talent management at Kronos. A deep pride in her work, and the work of her company, helped get her there. This has meant she’s worked to improve and grow as she moved through the company’s compensation division to her current place in talent management.

“I always want to be making sure that I’m doing what I can to better myself and better myself in my role,” she said.

Some of Chambers’ greatest strengths are her analytical skill and project managing expertise. Tammy Hickey, senior manager of talent management, wrote, “Samantha brings a critical blend of analytics and project and program management skills that are essential to the HR function in today’s world.”

Her ability to pluck the key information from reams of data has made her a go-to individual for analysis. “I love data and numbers and trying to understand the story through data,” said Chambers, 29.

Team members from all over have sought out the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth graduate for projects. These include streamlining the nomination process for Kronos’ leadership award program, creating a program that helps high-potential employees rise to managerial positions and leading a team to improve Kronos’ Glassdoor results.

“I kind of have done a little bit of everything,” Chambers said, referencing the span of her career.

The Glassdoor “SWAT” team she led resulted in Kronos’ debut on the Glassdoor Best Places to Work list. She also planned and later implemented an unlimited vacation policy for the company. “That was a pretty exciting project to work on,” she said. “Especially to have been working on it for a couple of years, then actually being able to be a part of when we were ready to move forward.”

Her new position in talent management is a step outside her previous experience. The challenge didn’t frighten her, though. Chambers said that she thrives on novel experiences and is eager to gain a wide understanding of the HR world. “I think that I’m a very quick learner, so I’m always intrigued by something new and something different,” she said.

Though her new role has her juggling many responsibilities, from talent reviews to engagement, Chambers is prepared to adapt and embrace new opportunities with an open mind. Her successes, though, haven’t changed her belief that more than just work got her where she is.

“I was very lucky,” Chambers said. “I know I work hard, and I don’t always give myself enough credit, but I also think that I really lucked out.”

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— Mariel Tishma

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