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2016 Game Changer: Jason Hite

By Andie Burjek

Jul. 22, 2016

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In many ways, HR is all about politics: balancing expectations, delicately handling a conflict between two parties and knowing when to say the right thing at the right time. Jason Hite knows politics and human resources.

Hite, 37, has an impressive professional track record for a person of any age. Currently the vice president of Xcelerate Solutions, a government counseling organization, he previously worked in the HR department of the U.S. House of Representatives for about 10 years. He started as an HR generalist and worked his way up to director and eventually chief human resources officer. He also served as a key confidant for three successive chief administrative officers at the House.

“One aspect that is hard to balance in the CHRO role, which Jason does extremely well, is the balance between the needs of the organization and that of the employee,” said Tim Blodgett, deputy sergeant of arms at the U.S. House of Representatives, in his recommendation letter. “While in the perfect world those two interests should align, in a practical sense they can be at odds with each other. Jason was able to act effectively on both fronts.”

Hite, whom Blodgett described as the “definition of a consummate professional,” showed impressive HR expertise in the government. Just like he balanced the needs of the individual and the organization, he also was always skilled at balancing his own types of projects. He understood the importance of working in the group setting with stakeholders and at the same time working autonomously on individual initiatives.

One of his many accomplishments was to help the deputy chief administration officer turn around the struggling payroll and benefits team — a problem that needed a speedy resolution.

“Jason worked tirelessly to stabilize the organization and once again proved his value,” said Ali Qureshi, vice president of consulting services at Xcelerate Solutions and former colleague of Hite at the House, in his nomination letter. “His project management skills were put to the test, and Jason led the turnaround, earning the respect of his peers, management and stakeholders on Capitol Hill.”

After Qureshi left the government position to work for Xcelerate Solutions, Hite eventually joined as well. At the government counseling organization, he first made his mark by using his personable approach and analytical acumen to obtain important certifications at a quick and impressive rate.

“I can confidently say,” Qureshi said, “that we have the best human resources executive in the industry.”

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