2013 Game Changer: Kate Gratto

By Max Mihelich

Aug. 11, 2013

Given the potential risks and difficulties of successfully complying with E-Verify, it’s understandable why some employers would want to stay away from the government’s voluntary electronic employment verification system.

But such a challenge didn’t discourage Kate Gratto, Prudential Financial Inc.’s vice president of process management in Newark, New Jersey, from implementing a new solution for her company’s E-Verify process. It has led to an impressive 100 percent compliance rate.
Kate Gratto

Gratto, 35, is successful because of her mental agility, according to her Game Changers nominator Marietta Cozzi, Prudental’s vice president of human resources. “What makes Kate successful is her ability to juggle between strategy and tactics. She can think broadly while also going deep into a plan.”

In addition to her work at Prudential, she also serves as a board member for the Newark Boys & Girls Club.

Max Mihelich is a Workforce associate editor. Comment below or email Follow Mihelich on Twitter at @workforcemax.

Max Mihelich is a writer in the Chicago area.

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