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2012 Game Changer: Shruthi Bopaiah

By Max Mihelich

Nov. 29, 2012

Imagine having to coordinate communication efforts for a company with more than 150,000 employees, and you’ll find yourself imagining what it’s like to be Shruthi Bopaiah.Workforce Game Changer Shruthi Bopaiah

In an email, Bopaiah, 31, says that she wanted to create and implement communication initiatives for Infosys, a business process outsourcing company, that would appeal to its young workforce whose median age is 26. She found inspiration for this task in social media, blogs and radio.

Based on popular social media platforms, she helped launch InfyBubble, which allows Infosys employees across 29 countries to easily share business ideas and connect with one another, Bopaiah says. She adds that there are 100,570 Infosys employees actively participating on the social network, which gives workers access to the thoughts and opinions of company leadership, among other things. Additionally, through InfyBubble, employees can “submit their business ideas to a panel of judges and the best ideas are then implemented,” Bopaiah says.

InfyRadio, Bopaiah says, is India’s first corporate radio station. It is streamed through Infosys’ intranet, and is available to all its employees located in India. InfyRadio was designed to work “as a perfect balance of innovative communication, employee engagement and a productivity booster.” Employees are welcome to submit song requests and dedications, and “employees interested in the arts are encouraged to showcase their talent on air.”

In addition to its radio station, Infosys’ intranet is also host to the company’s Leaders Blog, which allows employees to discuss and blog about topics such as employee perspective, technology and diversity, Bopaiah says. “This is a special space for employees to understand their leaders better, and for leaders to share information and educate employees on their take on the organization, industry, relevant issues or life itself,” she says.

The work required to bring these initiatives to fruition was extremely fulfilling, Bopaiah says. She is especially proud of InfyRadio, which she says breaks the monotony of her work routine and drives her to work with more passion.

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Max Mihelich is a writer in the Chicago area.

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