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2012 Game Changer: Kelly Timpane

By Max Mihelich

Nov. 29, 2012

When Kelly Timpane started working for Progeny Systems Corp. five years ago, its human resources department had only two other people. “I was hired to manage the HR department and take as much of the remaining HR responsibility off of management as possible,” Timpane says in an email.

Progeny specializes in electronic systems development for the U.S. Defense Department and other organizations, according to the company’s website.

One of Timpane’s first moves in transforming and expanding Progeny’s HR department was to conduct an in-depth analysis of the unit to figure out which aspects of it needed to be “updated, streamlined or transformed,” she says.

Progeny is a company that craves innovation. Its motto is “Innovation Through Engineering.” The company is even located on Innovation Drive. Timpane applies Progeny’s expectation of innovation to her role as an HR executive and to the company’s HR department as a whole. For example, when Timpane wants to know why a process or policy is done a certain way, she says she doesn’t accept answers of “because that’s the way we’ve always done it,” and she searches for ways to improve outdated policies. With the help of her team, Timpane has been able to streamline Progeny’s talent acquisition, retention and employee recognition functions, as well as its payroll-information flow.

In her five years at Progeny, the company’s HR department has transformed from a small department with limited responsibilities to a proactive partner at the executive table, Timpane says.

Her experience as an HR executive has paid off in more ways than one. Timpane, 36, also helps her husband manage his film production company, Endlight Entertainment. Timpane says she helps create the shooting schedules, is involved with the film’s casting decisions, tracks the company’s budget and manages all contracts and licensing agreements. Endlight Entertainment has produced three films so far, which Timpane describes as “indie/action/horror/comedies.”

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Max Mihelich is a writer in the Chicago area.

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