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Get payroll done on time without the stress.

Create shifts and approve timesheets in, then with a few clicks, export to Workday for quick and painless payroll processing.

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There's lots involved in payroll that isn't done by payroll software. takes Workday to the next level by connecting its core HR and payroll system to an advanced scheduling and timekeeping platform as well as a Wage & Hour Compliance Library. It's a match made in heaven.

Schedule smarter shifts.

Pulling employee data directly from Workday,
creates dynamic and easy-to-read schedules that automatically
take into account variables like teams, locations, and qualifications.

Sync employee data.

Every hour, all employee information in Workday is synced directly into - no need for data re-entry. Fields like employee names, phone numbers, job titles, pay rates, and certifications are all applied in’s timekeeping and scheduling system.

Export timesheets securely.

Review and approve timesheets in, then with a few clicks, export them to Workday for payroll processing. Export timesheets per employee, or in a single batch comprising all employees. There are no files to download as timesheets are sent securely via Workday’s Pay Input API.

Manage overriding rates. helps you navigate a minefield of inconsistent pay rates. The system utilizes all overriding rates found in Workday, automatically applying them to the right employees on pay day without updating payroll data or altering defined pay groups.

Tailor to all the nuances of your scheduling and timekeeping operations, while letting Workday handle payroll via a seamless integration.