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Build better rotas with real sales data. API taps into your Redcat sales data to build a Predictive Workforce™ model to create rosters that reflect exactly how many staff you need at any time.

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Integrate Your Sales Data works together with your Redcat sales data so you can roster your staff effectively using accurate sales estimates. Simply integrate the two systems and let Redcat feed in your sales and revenue data.

Optimise Your Staff’s Rotas

Determine staff rosters with smart algorithms based on your sales data. Integratingh and Redcat let’s you roster exactly the way you want by visualising key metrics such as SPLH and wage % of revenue.

Improve Your Efficiency

Increase productivity and profitability with’s complete suite of attendance, time off management, labour costing and payroll integration features.

Securely developed & maintained inhouse

Our team of implementation engineers build and maintain our point of sale integrations. Every integration has stringent testing and error monitoring, to ensure that it works when you need it most.

285 sites 7,000 employees

Case Study: "With we've saved 25-30 labor hours a week'"

"One of the big challenges they've solved for us is high labor cost. Stores that use can save between 25-30 labor hours a week. In euros that's saving €150-€160 per week per store."

— Martin Steenks, Franchise Operations Director, Domino's Netherlands

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