Make paying people
About the people.

Use to schedule shifts and generate timesheets, then when ready, simply export to Paycom for rapid payroll processing.

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Smarter Scheduling

Automatically schedule shifts optimized for compliance, flexibility, and cost savings. To make these schedules, pulls employee records directly from Paycom, eliminating the need for data re-entry.

Quickly Export Timesheets

Push all your timesheets directly from into Paycom in just a few clicks. Export individually per employee, or in a single batch via’s intuitive dashboard.

Sync employee data.

Every hour, all employee information in Paycom syncs directly into Fields like employee names, phone numbers, job titles, pay rates, and certifications all apply in’s scheduling & timekeeping systems.

Manage Alternative Rates automatically applies alternative rates found in Paycom to the right employees on payday, without disrupting payroll data or altering predefined pay groups.

Prioritize your workforce.
Enhance your payroll software.

Workforce management needs a personalized touch. Tailor the system to all the nuances of your scheduling and timekeeping needs, while letting Paycom handle payroll via our seamless integration.

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