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Centegra Plus is a cloud-based hospitality tech platform that gives you the freedom to deliver your digital plans, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and fully utilise data.

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We’re trusted by major brands across Europe and the USA.

First established in 2002, we’ve seen how the hospitality industry has changed massively over the course of that time and we have changed with it. We were the first UK company to provide cloud-based POS solutions for this sector which is an achievement we are very proud of.

Centegra Plus automates, integrates and consolidates every part of a hospitality business.

It allows you to consolidate multiple sales channels including POS, table ordering, click and collect, kiosk and delivery partners such as Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat. It also integrates with other POS platforms, eliminating the costly replacement of an existing POS system.

Integrate inventory and revenue management

Real time inventory management includes ordering, deliveries, transfers and wastage as well as production planning and period-based reconciliations. The revenue management module tracks all payments, deposits including daily bank reconciliation, tips, petty cash, floats, and real time cash, tying it all up to with period-based reconciliation.

Have complete management and reporting capabilities

Centegra Plus provides complete management and reporting of all the key business activities. Have central control of products, pricing, special offers, modifiers and menu management, supported by automated central reporting and drag and drop analytics.

We’re closely partnered with Workforce.com

We work with partners who deliver the same high standard digital solution as we do. By working closely with Workforce.com, we ensure our clients have a solution that is bespoke to their business requirements.

285 sites 7,000 employees

Case Study: "With Workforce.com we've saved 25-30 labor hours a week'"

"One of the big challenges they've solved for us is high labor cost. Stores that use Workforce.com can save between 25-30 labor hours a week. In euros that's saving €150-€160 per week per store."

— Martin Steenks, Franchise Operations Director, Domino's Netherlands

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