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Run payroll more efficiently with daily timesheet approvals, tip splitting, and a staff self-service portal.

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Maintain employee details without double entry

  • Let new hires onboard themselves and update their personal details with manager approval. Embracing self-service means you won't need to re-enter employee info, chase down staff for their W-4s, or delay payroll ever again.

Manual adjustments are 86'd

  • Auto-calculate weighted average overtime, bulk approve timesheets according to custom validations, and auto-assign alternate rates based on team or location worked. Confidently process pay runs in half the time without the need for last-minute adjustments.

Split tips automatically from hours worked

  • Instantly divide tip pools based on the hours worked by team members or at specific locations. This method ensures tipped employees are paid accurately and fairly without the need for additional pay runs.

Let your team help themselves

  • With self-service, staff can immediately see their paystubs, timesheets, tax forms, and PTO in one place. No more wasting time as the mediator between staff and their personal details.

Get timesheets completed faster

  • Daily alerts remind staff to clock out and complete timesheets, while managers are prompted to approve employee hours regularly. Run payroll quickly by reducing the time you spend hunting down missing timesheets.

What's Included

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  • Full-Service Payroll

    Time Tracking & Attendance

    Wage & Hour Automation

    Direct Deposits

  • Employee Self-Service App

    Wage Garnishments

    Tax Filing

    Time Clock App

  • Leave Management

    GPS Clocking

    Alternative Pay Rates

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, visit our pricing page and request a quote.

How many times can I process payroll each month with offers unlimited payroll – pay your staff whenever you need to, on your terms.

What sized businesses in the restaurant industry use’s payroll solution?

Small businesses all the way to 1000+ restaurant groups use rely on’s payroll processing. No matter your size, you’ll be in good hands.

Can I integrate with my other software systems?

Yup!’s automated payroll system integrates with a wide variety of point-of-sale (POS) platforms, HR solutions, and accounting software via open API or SFTP.

Does handle payroll tax calculations and filing for restaurant owners?

Yes, indeed. Calculating and filing taxes is stressful and time-consuming – luckily handles all your payroll tax calculations for you, so there is no need to sweat it.

Are there any add-ons available for business owners using’s payroll solution?

If by add-ons you mean a fully integrated Scheduling module or our brand new HR suite....then yes! prides itself on not hiding small, expensive add-ons within pricing plans. So beyond our three fully fleshed out modules, no you won’t find any features gatelocked behind an “add-on” label.

Does take into account minimum wage requirements?

Yup! is designed to automatically adhere to minimum wage requirements across all states, ensuring accurate payroll for restaurant employees.

How does determine the pay period for restaurant owners?

It's customizable! allows restaurant owners to customize the pay period based on their preferences and business needs.

Does have employee onboarding functionality?

Yes, you can onboard new employees right in and use all of that information for payroll. Streamline things through an intuitive self-service checklist, where staff can enter their bank account details, personal info, tax forms, and more.

Will I have access to customer support?

You can count on us. When you first sign up for, you’ll get a dedicated implementation specialist to help import all of your employee and tax records. After you process your first payroll, you’ll still have access to reliable 24/7 support channels whenever you have questions about our payroll features.

What else can I use for besides payroll?

All kinds of things! is an all-in-one solution for shift-based workforces. Our system includes HR features, scheduling, time tracking, POS system integrations, labor forecasting, applicant tracking, and much more. Not only are we the best restaurant payroll software out there – we are the best employee management system around.

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