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Get timesheets completed quickly with daily reminders, self-service features, and auto-approvals.

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Always pay staff correctly & on time

  • Instantly calculate specialty pay rates, overtime, shift differentials, and meal penalties on timesheets – no more combing through complex alternative rates by hand. This ensures accurate staff payments and expedites the payroll process.

Get employee details without double entry

  • Intuitive onboarding and self-service features empower staff to update their own information within the payroll system. You’ll never have to re-enter employee details, follow up with new hires for their W-4s, or experience payroll delays.

Streamline timesheet approvals

  • Prompt staff to complete timesheets according to their scheduled hours and send daily notifications to managers to approve them. This reduces the need to chase down staff for incomplete or unapproved timesheets, ensuring swift payroll processing.

Let staff make their own updates

  • Self-service enables staff to access their paystubs, timesheets, and PTO information immediately. This eliminates the need to mediate between staff and their personal data, saving valuable time.

What's Included

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  • Full-Service Payroll

    Time & Attendance

    Wage & Hour Automation

    Direct Deposit

  • Employee Self-Service App

    Wage Garnishments

    Tax Filing

    Time Clock App

  • Time Off Management

    GPS Time Tracking

    Alternative Pay Rates

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does’s payroll solution cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, visit our pricing page and request a quote.

Is on-premise or cloud-based? is completely cloud-based and is available on browsers, IOS, and Android. Access the platform anytime, anywhere, with no expensive hardware to maintain.

What size healthcare facilities use

While medical practices of all sizes use in the healthcare industry those with 50-300 staff members typically use it the most.

Can integrate with other HR software systems I currently use?

Yes, offers many integrations with external HR solutions. However, since is an all-in-one solution for healthcare workers, it is best practice to use it for everything. This reduces the number of integrations your IT team needs to deal with and generally improves the workflow of your HR team and healthcare providers. To learn more, check out the other modules offers, including shift staffing, applicant tracking, onboarding, and performance management.

Does have a mobile app?

Yes, it does. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. While you can’t run payroll on the app, healthcare employees can use it to clock in and out, review their timesheets, request time off, check their paystubs, and update their bank account information.

How does improve employee experience?

It is simple, really: by being user-friendly and focusing on self-service. Through the app, healthcare professionals can easily update their personal, bank, and tax information in less time without having to go through human resources. They can also review their paystubs and timesheets in just a few taps. All of this improves their overall experience, leading to higher retention and improved patient care.

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