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Glenholme Healthcare Group improves efficiency

Glenholme Healthcare Group is a distinguished care provider with nearly 3 decades of delivering exceptional care throughout England. With the rapid growth of their care services which now include supported living, residential care, and senior living, has helped them streamline rota building, reduce manual administrative tasks, and enhanced the overall staff experience.

Products used

  • Scheduling
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee App
  • Shift Replacement
  • Labor Compliance

    Initially focusing on residential support for adults with mental health conditions, Glenholme has expanded its workforce from 200 to 870 employees in only 4 years and has homes spanning from Blackpool to Brighton. Glenholme provides genuinely personalised support for the elderly and those with nursing care needs and dementia, as well as adults with severe learning disabilities and a variety of complex needs.


    Prior to, the process of creating rotas at Glenholme Healthcare was time-consuming, taking approximately 4 hours per week to complete. The existing system was deemed clunky and difficult to use, resulting in limited adoption by staff and lost time for front-line managers.

    Additionally, the care home struggled with a lack of visibility into its business operations, making it challenging to have a comprehensive overview of staff availability, leave balances, and overall scheduling. Overcoming these challenges and implementing an improved workforce management system became crucial for Glenholme to streamline operations, enhance user experience, and ensure efficient management of staff.


    Glenholme went searching for a cloud-based system that could solve their challenges and scale with their business growth. After conducting a thorough market review, Glenholme decided to invest in due to its intuitive design, product functionality and easy implementation process.

    “Implementation is a relatively easy process and the support team really helped us and was a great experience.”

    - James Perkins, Finance Manager at Glenholme Healthcare Group


    Saving time on rota creation & manual admin

    Instead of rotas taking 4 hours per week to create, it now only takes 15 minutes for managers to build a schedule for their staff. “I'm a bit of a rota queen,” says Jaine who has 34 years experience in the care industry. Initially, there was concern about how to share rotas with the staff but says she's never had a problem and that her team couldn't live without Workforce.

    Increased visibility for managers

    “We're using Workforce as a tool to manage an ever-growing level of staff and being able to see everything that's going on in the business is much clearer now that what we had” said James Finance Manager at Glenholme. With, Glenholme Care Group has much more visibility of their workforce including when staff clock in and out, staff leave requests & leave balances, and even enables team members to update employee details on their own, allowing managers to focus their time where it is needed.

    Improving staff satisfaction

    Initially, managers at Glenholme were unsure if staff would use but after introducing the user-friendly app, even the most technologically hesitant staff navigate it effortlessly, saving valuable time, reducing frustration and eliminating the need for extensive training. Consequently, this newfound efficiency significantly bolstered staff morale, as they felt empowered and more in control of their work.

    Whether you manage 20 staff or 2000, can help optimise your staff performance and operations, ensuring you provide exceptional quality of care.