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How The European Healthcare Group completes admin tasks with speed using

Known for their holistic approach to care from their highly trained staff in warm surroundings, European Healthcare Group (EHG) is one of the industry leaders when it comes to care for elderly citizens within the community. Learn how they use to streamline processes for managers when planning rotas and making daily operations more efficient.

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    Known for their holistic approach to care from their highly trained staff in warm surroundings, European Healthcare Group (EHG) is one of the industry leaders when it comes to care for elderly citizens within the community.

    Formed in 1996 and privately owned, the organisation currently owns four care facilities, comprising a total of 202 registered beds. The Knolls Care Centre, a care home under the EHG has 59 employees across three sites and is a 56 bed care home. With this multisite and dynamic environment, Knolls Care Centre realised quickly that they needed a new workforce management system to help reduce time spent on administration tasks and adapt to last minute rota changes.


    Before, the operations at The EHG relied on spreadsheets, created using pen and paper, or printed from Excel.

    “It was a nightmare” before”

    - Dawn Bishopp, Registered Home manager

    The EHG staff manually filled out timesheets on a daily basis. This was a manual process prone to error as this information could not be verified by the management team. As staff management grew to become the biggest challenge for The EHG, they required a workforce management platform that eliminated unnecessary manual processes and simplified staff management. Ideally, this would keep everything in one place, increase efficiency and give the managers their time back by setting in place a foolproof structure.


    The challenges at The EHG were instantly solved upon implementing, which created a streamlined process when planning staffing arrangements and monitoring daily operations of the Home.

    The Workforce software provides a retrospective view to managers at The EHG when looking at time and attendance. They can look through history, identify and appropriately respond to staff absenteeism, or lack of compliance with the system. They also receive an immediate overview of the availability of staff, making it effortless to form a balanced skill-mix when creating rotas.

    With, managers can provide optimal support to staff by helping them to be organised for shifts and achieve a work-life balance, leading to increased job satisfaction and better care for residents.


    The EHG reinvented its staff management processes, instantly resolved its ongoing challenges, and is succeeding in the following ways with

    Ease of adoption

    Change can be scary. When implementing new software. Many organisations are worried about how their staff will react to new technology. That is especially true in the Care Industry with the wide-ranging staff demographics.

    The EHG were initially wary that they may struggle with a new modern technology. However, It has excelled since implementing The user-friendly Workforce software supports staff at The EHG to maintain an organised work-life.

    “If you took it away from them, I think the staff would have a meltdown.”

    - Dawn Bishopp, Registered Home manager

    Enhanced ownership

    Staff take ownership of their shifts with They feel in control and organised as they know which designation in the Care Home they have been allocated and have their schedule available at hand, on their Workforce mobile app.

    Staff can check their schedule “at the blink of a button,” helping them to execute an organised and productive shift, reports Dawn. Staff have since taken ownership for their own shifts and requests of annual leave.

    Increased visibility

    Before, staff would raise queries about their wages. Now, each staff member knows exactly how much money was earned from the hours they worked, has slashed the amount of queries regarding payroll and adjustments.

    Staff at The EHG rely on to check rotas, time management and to arrange leave. Managers can instantly identify how many staff are available, how many Carers of different abilities will be available, and their designation within the Care Home at any given time, all with The EHG managers use the time clock app on a daily basis to identify late clock-ins or absent staff from any location.

    “For me, it's a great tool,” says Dawn. It enables the managers to respond to issues promptly. Managers can now also clearly see the leave request balance and instantly identify how many hours staff have left to request, helping them to respond quickly and effortlessly.

    Less manual work, more time, and increased efficiency

    By replacing the use of spreadsheets and pen and paper processes with, operations at The EHG have transformed from containing gaps and being subject to misinformation, to precise and reliable.

    “It gives us a break as well,"says George, reflecting on the time has saved for The EHG managers. is a centralised system that has every information available in one central place. Dawn emphasises that “efficiency-wise for us, it's massive."

    Since implementing, manual tasks have been substantially reduced, efficiency throughout the Home has accelerated and there is greater visibility of shifts. has become the tool The EHG rely on to give the best support to staff in their daily work lives.

    Whether you manage 20 staff or 2000, can help optimise your staff performance and operations, ensuring you provide exceptional quality of care.