Workforce Management Nov. 21, 2005

By Staff Report

Nov. 21, 2005

Crossing Cultures
By Ed Frauenheim
The world is getting smaller, making an understanding of country-specific differences a business imperative for companies like Intel.

The Disappearing Benefit
By Charlotte Huff
As employers grapple with ever-rising costs, global competition and the legion of aging baby boomers, the future of retiree health coverage is cast into doubt.

The Last Word
Drucker knew best
Most management theory is thin gruel. Peter Drucker’s work is as rich now as it was in 1954.
  In the Mail
Welch unbound
Readers comment on Jack Welch, pay for performance and Pete Carroll.

An outsourcer to be reckoned with
Convergy’s $1.1 billion deal confirms its status as a serious HRO player. Call centers find themselves at home. Just how bad are cash balance plans? Hot List: Top group life insurers.  And more

Nissan takes its business south
The automaker’s decision is part of a trend: companies using moves to achieve specific workforce goals.

Good intentions, lost in translation
Incentives are catching on overseas, but the value of awards can be misunderstood. Cultural and economic factors affect how they’re viewed.

Volunteering for leadership
A MetLife study finds that while employees say they want more benefit choices, some don’t elect to use them.

The coming knowledge drain
As soon as 2008, companies face losing 20 percent of their critical skills. Blame the boomers poised for retirement.

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