Workforce Management March 27, 2006

By Staff Report

Mar. 24, 2006

An Overhaul for Ford
By Irwin Speizer
There are few details so far on Ford’s ambitious workforce restructuring plan. But it’s clear that half-measures won’t do.

A Gray Future for Business
By Gina Ruiz
Researcher and author Ken Dychtwald says most companies just aren’t ready to adjust to their aging workforces. Now would be a good time to start.

The Last Word
Personalizing Motivation
Dr. John Sullivan on motivation
  In the Mail
Health care ‘propaganda’
Readers comment on health care issues

A Wake-up Call on Executive Pay
HP might be only the first of many companies called to account for what they’ve paid ousted CEOs. Volatile days for pension reform.  Crazy about the sane workplace. Data Bank: Legal Briefings: Overtime and harassment. Verbatim: Students decry labor rules in France. The Hot List: Prescription benefit managers. Data Bank: Why management matters. And more.
Smarter about signing bonuses
The bonuses are back in a wide range of industries, and so are the problems they bring. Employers can minimize their downsides by taking a broader approach to retention.

A commitment to colleges
Having a consistent presence on campus and being upfront with students can help firms steadily attract the best and the brightest.

HR Technology
A Federal rule’s silver lining
The OFCCP’s complex new Internet regulations are a headache, but ultimately could lead to better hiring and more efficient corporate staffing departments. 


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