Workforce Management March 13, 2006

By Staff Report

Mar. 13, 2006

The 2006Optimas Awards
The awards recognize workforce management that improves business results. The 2006 winners’ stories show a simple rule in action: best workforce wins.

SAP’s Technology Test Subject
By Ed Frauenheim
As people chief at SAP, Claus Heinrich provides real-world insight into the company’s products. His greater task is helping preserve SAP’s culture amid global expansion.

The Last Word
Outsourcing: Get Over It
Outsourcing is here to stay
  In the Mail
Offended by a ‘Union Buster’
Readers comment on union language, workplace violence

Helping Workers With Retirement
Fidelity’s Abigail Johnson urges employers to adopt auto-enrollment. Last Stop?: Federally funded one-stop career centers might be targeted for shutdown. Unicru Offers a Slacker Detector: The software company says its latest tool sniffs out quitters and troublemakers. Data Bank: Why CFOs are fed up with HR. Hot List: Top employment law firms. And more.

Beyond banking on the brand
Big-name firms like McDonald’s and American Express find they have to do more to sell themselves in order to attract the right job candidates

Health Care Costs
The limit of ‘limited benefit’
Supporters say the low-cost limited-benefit programs can help extend coverage to more workers. But critics worry that they will supplant comprehensive plans.

High-Tech or Basic?
The skills that employers need
Washington’s focus on increasing the ranks of scientists doesn’t always address an immediate need: people who grasp high school math and can communicate well.

Niche staffing to the rescue
Suppliers can help employers find unusual expertise or uncover candidates when the supply of workers with unique skill sets dries up.


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