Workforce Management July 2005

By Staff Report

Jun. 30, 2005

International business machine
By Fay Hansen
Going global isn’t just for Western institutions anymore. With its acquisition of IBM’s PC division, Chinese tech giant Lenovo has become a company that operates without borders, buying up top talent in both advanced and developing nations.

Leading indicators
By Jessica Marquez
Don’t tell researcher and consultant Roslyn Courtney that nice guys–and gals–finish last. She has found that the most successful leaders are accessible and encourage candid dialog.

State of the Sector: Training
By Irwin Speizer
By focusing on specific, well-defined goals and using cheaper methods like e-learning, employers have increased the amount of instruction they give workers without inflating their training budgets.

Between the Lines
Dr. Cosby’s lesson
People down in the trenches of a company know the business a lot better than executives give them credit for.
  Reactions From Readers
Debunking the “myth”
“Turnover numbers are meaningless without knowledge of the environment, both work-related and management-related.”

In This Corner
Unfair play against bias
“Testers” are individuals who–armed with résumés, letters of references and training in deception–apply for a job.

Legal Briefings
Request for polygraph exam violates law. Electronic snooping claims not pre-empted.

GM makes health costs an issue
In announcing a plan to cut 25,000 jobs, GM puts a large part of the blame on the company’s liberal and costly health care benefits package. Also: Activists see positive signs at Wal-Mart meeting. A relaxed deadline for FSAs. Leaping the language gap. The fee-disclosure debate. Housing puts a hurt on hiring. Fast-forwarding comp data.

Taleo’s next version
With a new CEO and CFO now in place, Taleo is poised for an initial public offering and expansion. It seems to be a trend in the recruiting software sector: Kenexa was scheduled to hold its IPO in late June.

The new crop of job seekers
The millions of American college students who finished school last month have very different expectations from graduates of 10 years ago and even from last year’s grads. For them, salary and location take a back seat to a good fit of skills and the chance for professional development.

Employee Benefits
The oral argument
As they market dental coverage to employers, insurance companies are stressing the link between oral health and general health. New research supports the notion.

A rewarding business
Bad blood spans generations at Maritz Inc., but the firm has remained a major player with its programs aimed at helping clients reach their business goals.

Measuring up
HR outsourcing experts say it’s not all about upfront cost savings. Smart companies will also consider such factors as organizational performance and worker satisfaction.

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