Workforce Management Feb. 13, 2006

By Staff Report

Feb. 13, 2006

Dedication to Development
By Jessica Marquez
Washington Group International is making a $50 million annual investment in its workforce’s future. Does it pay off?

Special Report: Relocation
By Mark Schoeff Jr.
Relocation is evolving domestically and internationally, as companies try to centralize, standardize and find economies in a sometimes fragmented process.

The Last Word
Fly right
United’s comeback may hinge on its people.
  In the Mail
Guns at work
Readers comment on gun laws and the shake-up at Ford.

Bush’s push for HSA expansion
Some wonder whether employers will be left to insure older, sicker workers. Talent Shift: Foreign carmakers say they might cherry-pick Detroit’s laid-off workers. Lawsuits Target Illegals’ Hiring: One case is settled for $1.3 million. Another is headed to the high court. Data Bank: No help from the feds. Hot List: Applicant Tracking System Software Providers. And more.

The fuzzy math on exec pay
The SEC’s 370-page proposal for executive compensation disclosure could raise more questions than answers.

Global Workforce
An exodus that hurts the U.S.
The business community has been slow to react to restrictive visa policies and overseas entities’ aggressive pursuit of top-tier workers. The talent loss could threaten innovation here.

Health Care Benefits
A ‘revolution’ that wants you
AOL founder Steve Case’s new venture bets big on defined-contribution health plans that reduce employers’ upfront costs. But they could raise new problems for large companies.

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