Workforce Management Dec. 12, 2005

By Staff Report

Dec. 12, 2005

The Jobs You Can’t Do Without
By Todd Henneman
By identifying the key jobs that most directly drive the company’s business, employers can put resources into areas where they’ll have the greatest impact.

2005 Data Bank Annual
By Fay Hansen
When it comes to economic and business conditions, there is no better gauge of where we’re going than where we’ve been. Data from 2005 foreshadows trends in 2006.

The Last Word
Paltry pay season
Companies enjoy record growth and earnings—some should be invested in employees.
  In the Mail
Healthy debate
Readers comment on Wal-Mart’s plans for employee health care and benefit costs.

Saturn innovations will live on at GM.
The plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, was known for its labor/management cooperation. That might be Saturn’s real legacy. UPS, FedEx gear up for holiday hiring. SAP comes on strong in HR sales. Google Base debuts with job ads galore.  Hot List: Top background and screening providers.  And more

HR technology
Oracle’s formula for Fusion
The stakes are high as Larry Ellison’s company bids to combine the best features of several product lines, including PeopleSoft and JD Edwards.

Health Alert
Large employers plan for avian flu
The illness is off the radar for many organizations, but companies including Intel and some international airlines are making pandemic plans.

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