What Is Wrong With Our Recruitment Process?

By Staff Report

Jul. 31, 2012

Dear It Hurts:

Turnover mostly occurs early in a person’s tenure. However, if turnover in your organization is unacceptably high, it could indicate a systemic problem. There are a number of things that could contribute to early turnover, including:

  • Poor supervision or management
  • Bad working conditions
  • Poor fit between the person and the company’s culture
  • Disconnect between the jobs as described versus the actual on-the-job experience.

The best way to analyze the real cause is to conduct exit interviews with departing candidates. That helps you determine the root causes of the problem. You then are better able to take the appropriate remedial actions, which might include changes to the hiring profiles, realistic job previews, job redesign or supervisory training. As you imply, this may be an issue with your recruiting process, which is frequently the case of very early turnover (less than six months or so). Or it may be due to other systemic issues that the company and the recruiting department need to address.

SOURCE: Ed Davis, Alta Search Group, Chicago

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