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The Last Word Workforce’s Next Chapter

By Todd Johnson

Jul. 16, 2010

For nearly a century, this publication has taken great pride in providing in-depth coverage of the events and issues vital to the human resources field. With expert analysis and timely news stories, our mission remains focused on delivering key information to help you solve today’s HR issues and plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

Such challenges also offer fresh opportunities—for you and for the staff of Workforce Management. While it may not be immediately evident to our readers that changes are occurring within these pages, I am excited to let you know about some moves that will further enhance our award-winning coverage of the human resources industry.

I’d like to introduce you to Ronald Alsop, who joins us this month as the new editor of Workforce Management. A longtime editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal, Ron is also the author of eight books, including his latest, The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millennial Generation Is Shaking Up the Workplace. A veteran journalist, Ron has met and interviewed some of the HR industry’s most influential thought leaders.

You might also know him from his work as a public speaker, media guest and consultant on the Millennial Generation, corporate recruiting, career development, corporate reputation and business education trends.

During the past two years or so, you might have noticed Workforce Management expanding in new directions. We have added staff and guest blogs, conducted original research, broadcast a variety of webinars and organized two virtual conferences. With more than 4,000 registrants, our HR Tech Week event in June was the largest online HR technology conference in history. And there are more events in store.

These innovations have come as we continue to publish groundbreaking, award-winning stories. In just the past year, Workforce Management articles have raised key questions about the emergence of HR bloggers, warned about the need for a new employment deal in the wake of the recession, and challenged the conventional wisdom around corporate diversity programs. Our stories and our website have earned honors from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, American Business Media and the National Institute for Health Care Management.

While Workforce Management maintains its position as the HR industry’s leading print publication, our online presence continues to grow. counts more than 405,000 registered users, with specialized channels dedicated to in-depth coverage of benefits, HR management, legal issues, recruiting and staffing, software and technology, and training and development.

Our lineup of editorial products will only grow stronger with Ron’s arrival. He brings tremendous experience and additional HR expertise to our staff, and furthers our commitment to serve as the leading source of news and information at such a dynamic time for workforce leaders. As Ron takes the helm of Workforce Management, you can expect our tradition of insightful, hard-hitting coverage of HR matters to continue, even as we keep experimenting with novel approaches.

It’s a critical juncture for HR leaders. Many signs point to the growing importance of people management to business success, including an ever-more knowledge-based economy, as well as the continued globalization of companies and economies.

More than ever, how well companies marshal, manage and inspire people determines whether a business thrives, merely survives or dies. HR, in other words, has never been more strategic.

Decades ago our publication chronicled the tactical phase of HR (when we were called Personnel Journal). Today, we are committed to capturing and commenting on this exciting new chapter of the profession. I can’t imagine a better person than Ron to spearhead this effort. Despite all we’ve accomplished at Workforce Management, the best is yet to come.

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