The ‘Grading System

By Michelle Rafter

Mar. 10, 2008

Topgrading runs on a set of fairly straightforward rules:

►Understand exactly what the open job entails, including responsibilities and salary, so candidates know precisely what’s being offered.

►Interview job candidates using a set of rigorous, in-depth questions to plumb information on past job history, competencies, successes and failures. The higher the position, the greater the number of questions, the longer the interview.

►Always have two people—typically an HR manager and hiring manager—conduct job interviews in order to eliminate subjectivity or personal bias.

►Request multiple references and thoroughly check all of them. To get around potential corporate roadblocks, ask candidates to provide contact information for previous direct supervisors.

►For CEOs and other big hires, bring in an outside expert for a second opinion.

►Rate information collected during an interview using a comprehensive assessment scorecard to evaluate how a candidate measures up to the demands of the job.

►Use the same interview and scorecard process for internal promotions and performance reviews as well as external hires.

Workforce Management, March 3, 2008, p. 26Subscribe Now!

Michelle Rafter is a Workforce contributing editor.

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