Sample Three-Month Performance Review

By Staff Report

Apr. 18, 2000

Please complete this three month evaluation for the employee. It is not expected that a new employee will be doing all of his or her assigned tasks at the level required of an experienced fully competent person in this job. It is expected that any performance areas that are rated need to do better will be the subject of coaching and any that are doing all right is good news to be “celebrated.” For any areas that are rated significant improvement needed a written improvement plan will be developed and another review performed within three months. Return to Human Resources.

Employee: _______________

Title: _______________

Supervisor: ______________

Date: ______________

Performance Dimension

Doing all right

Need to do better

Significant Improvement Needed

Quality of Work




Quantity of Work




Client Relationship




Writing Skill




Presentation Skill








Willingness to ask questions




Problem Solving




Application of Technical Knowledge





Date of next review:

   ___ three months
   ___ end of year
   ___ improvement plan needed

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