Mosaic Achieves Nearly $8 Million In Value Creation With Taleo Throughout Its Canadian Operations

By Staff Report

May. 29, 2004

Mosaic is a leading field sales and marketing company that employs field specialists at retail department and specialty stores, banks, events and small-businesses for its customers across North America. Mosaic hires approximately 10,000 hourly workers annually, and needed better processes for managers, employees, recruiters and candidates to handle this volume. Mosaic Director of Talent Acquisition Karen Scott and her team at the company’s Canadian operations, implemented Taleo to address the day-to-day and long-term staffing needs of Mosaic. The implementation is projected to generate $8 million in value for the enterprise over a period of five years.

Tony LaSorda, President of Mosaic’s Canadian Operations stated, “After using Taleo consistently for nearly two years, we completed a comprehensive audit to measure our results. In the first year alone the value creation was $1.2 million per year, equating to nearly $8 million over a five-year period. We are clearly finding candidates that are better fits for our organization, which has had an impact on retention, costs and productivity. These savings and overall value creation clearly add to the bottom line.”

As a leading provider of hourly and retail talent for its customers, Mosaic must have the tools and processes in place to hire qualified professionals as well as hourly personnel to staff client events and programs quickly and accurately. As a result of the Taleo implementation, there have been a number of financial benefits, process improvements and service benefits across Mosaic. Today, Mosaic sources its candidates online through its corporate website, resulting in a 90 percent reduction in advertising costs. With more streamlined and efficient processes in place, the time to hire a qualified candidate has been reduced by 33 percent.

Furthermore, hiring managers’ time spent on the staffing process has declined by 75 percent, allowing them to spend time on more strategic activities. Recruiters report they spend 43 percent less time per hire, reflecting not only the streamlined processes but also a more effective way to assess and re-assign employees to various customer projects. Additionally, Mosaic reports reductions in turnover with its streamlined staffing process in place. “From 2002 to 2003 turnover among our temporary employees declined three percent while the reduction in turnover among our part time, permanent employees declined four percent,” said Scott.

“We made an investment in our workforce with Taleo, and this investment is apparent to our customers when we are quickly able to staff their important projects with higher quality candidates,” she added. “This has also had a favorable impact on customer loyalty. Additionally, at the executive level, we have clearly been able to quantify the savings we are achieving and the value we have created as a result of these process improvements with Taleo,” she added.

*All figures are in Canadian dollars.

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