IRS Resources on Pension Plan and Executive Compensation Audits

By Michelle Rafter

May. 29, 2004

Employee Plans Team Audit program main page on the IRS Web site
Contains a history of development of the new, tougher audits, questions and answers, issues to look for, flowchart of how an audit works, glossary and how to contact any of six regional audit teams.

Questions and answers about the program
Answers to common questions asked by outside audit firms and IRS agents about the Employee Plans Team Audit program. Questions should be directed toMark Hoffman, national coordinator.

Top ten issues found in audits
A detailed list of potential pension-plan trouble spots. The Employee Plans Team Audit uses these to help determine which companies they’ll audit, and consultants suggest companies use them as guidelines for their own compliance reviews.

Voluntary Corrrection Program
Companies can make corrections to their pension plans through the IRS’ Voluntary Correction Program.

Michelle Rafter is a Workforce contributing editor.

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