Dear Workforce Which Résumé Is Preferable?

By Staff Report

Jan. 7, 2009

Dear Objecting:

In my experience, and in speaking with a number of recruiters, an objective on a résumé is not only outdated, but usually unnecessary. Unless the candidate is a recent graduate, changing careers or going in a new direction that necessitates some explanation, most recruiters bypass any stated objectives to focus instead on a person’s experience. Their main interest is in determining whether a person is a viable candidate for the job.

Most recruiters only look at an objective to answer things that don’t make sense in the résumé itself. This might occur if someone applies for a sales position but lists no sales experience.

This candidate might include an objective as to why they are interested and/or qualified for this position, even though their background is in something that appears unrelated to the sales position.

SOURCE: Kelly A. Hamm,Futurestep, Los Angeles, December 4, 2008

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