Dear Workforce What Advantages are There To Integrating Trainers Into Business Departments

By Staff Report

Jan. 7, 2005

Dear United:

Integrating trainers into department teams makes sense. The structure indeed enables you to ensure that training materials are relevant and fresh, while helping you to link current business issues to specific training lessons. Doing so also brings the trainer further into the fold of the team and inspires a setting where people can share things in confidence.

Should you decide to proceed with making the trainer’s part of the teams themselves, we’d suggest another step that will contribute to the effectiveness of your training. Offer regular opportunities for the trainers to connect and share information. Whether in person, by telephone, or via chat rooms/Web sites, regular information-sharing between trainers helps them connect with the development arm of the company, and challenges their thinking in the areas of adult learning and the business of training. They also will keep abreast of other areas of need in the company, as well as business issues facing other department teams.

SOURCE: Kim Stafford, Training Manager, AchieveGlobal, Tampa, Florida, Feb. 11, 2004.

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