Dear Workforce How Do We Plug Skills Gaps of Our Recruiters?

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Sep. 9, 2005

Dear Not Seeing Results:


Recruiters must win the trust of both their customers and job candidates to be effective. Pay attention to clues that indicate if that trust is lacking. Watch for clues that the hiring manager views the recruiter as an administrative person who is simply needed to post job want-ads and quickly screen resumes. That can cause a lot of problems.

Also, make sure recruiters are being allowed to set up interviews with candidates. If they can’t, this is a clue that people view your recruiters as poor at assessing people’s skills. The problem also could exist because hiring managers take theinterviewing and selection process too lightly. Sometimes this is due to a lack of emphasis on the need to hire top people, or because managers don’t recognize the important role they play in hiring top people.

Recruiters must become partners to gain trust with hiring managers. Recruiters must know the real job, find top candidates and accurately assess their competency levels. Developing a service-level agreement whereby the recruiter agrees to some performance objectives in exchange for the hiring manager’s time is one way to form a partnership. The recruiter needs at least 30 to 45 minutes up front to better understand the job needs.

A formal process should accompany a list of potential candidates, with a clear statement explaining why each person is suitable for the job. Formalizing the process forces the hiring manager to treat recruiting more seriously and devote more time to it. In creating this process, recruiters must become better at delivering stronger candidates. Collectively, this is how the two sides become partners. When a hiring manager sees a recruiting partner as an expert in the hiring process, they tend to react more quickly and are less likely to dismiss candidates out of hand.

SOURCE: Lou Adler, the Adler Group Inc., Irvine, California

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