Checklist for Safe Hiring

By Staff Report

Nov. 2, 2001

The following could be placed in every applicant’s file prior to applicantcoming onto premises:


Task Yes/No Date/Initial Notes
Application Process
Did applicant sign consent for background investigation?      
Is application complete?      
Did applicant sign and date application?      
Did applicant leave criminal questions blank?      
Did applicant indicate a criminal record?      
Did applicant explain why he or she had left pas jobs?      
Did applicant explain gaps in job history?      
Did applicant clearly identify previous employers?      
Did applicant provide supervisor names?      
Were there excessive changes?      
Did applicant explain excessive changes?      
Leaving past jobs: Did applicant explain satisfactorily?      
Leaving past jobs: Was reason consistent with application?      
Employment gaps: Did applicant explain satisfactorily?      
Employment gaps: Explanations consistent with application?      
“Our firm has a standard policy of background checks and drug tests on all applicants. Do you have any concerns you would like to share with me about our procedure?”     Response:
“When we contact past employers, pursuant to the release you have signed, would any of them tell us you were terminated, disciplined, or not eligible for rehire?”     Response:
“When we contact past employers, pursuant to the release you have signed, what do you think they would tell us about you?”     Response:
“When we contact the courthouse or police department, would we locate any criminal convictions or pending cases?”     Response:
Reference Checks
(by employer or third party)
Have references been checked for at least the last five years, regardless of whether past employers will give details?      
Have efforts been documented and placed in the file?      
Discrepancies between information located and what applicant reported on application:
a. dates/salary/job title/duties
b. reason for leaving
Background Check
Submitted for background check?      
Check completed?     By:
Background check reviewed for discrepancies/issues      
NOT CLEAR or SATISFACTORY, action taken per policy and procedures.     Describe:

Notes (Use back of sheet, if necessary. Initial and date all entries):



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