Businesses Tap Into Staffing Firms for Holiday Help

By Julie McCoy

Dec. 4, 2009

While some businesses hire holiday help on their own, many also turn to staffing firms to get the extra workers they need.

Joyce Russell, president and COO of Adecco General Staffing, says her company gets holiday help requests from retail and logistics companies, as well as call centers, starting at the beginning of October.

“They need to get that product moved,” she explains. “We have nice ramps around the holiday season. It’s more retail-centric.”

Bill Stoller, one of the founders of Express Employment Professionals, says his company gets holiday help requests from the same types of businesses, but that they come in as early as August and September.

“We feel that companies will come to us [to get some more people on board],” Stoller says. “People need holiday help.”

Kforce gets calls from businesses that need financial assistants, as well as people who can do technology work and compliance for reporting purposes during the holidays, CEO Dave Dunkel says.

JoAnn Wagner, CEO of SOS Staffing, says her firm volunteers temporary workers who can work as receptionists for companies while they’re at holiday parties.

“The holidays are a hectic time for many businesses, so I believe a lot of them will turn to staffing firms to hire holiday help,” SkillStorm CEO Vince Virga says.

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