An Open Letter to Everyone

By Staff Report

Jan. 20, 2006

In late November, Larry LeSueur, vice president of culture integration at US Airways, sent a letter out to all employees seeking their input on what the newly merged company should do to succeed. LeSueur says he’ll be answering the e-mails himself, or directing them to the local managers if there is something that needs to be addressed right away. The plan is to take the data, find trends among the employee responses and eventually use what they learn in day-to-day operations. Here is the text of the letter to employees:

    We need to hear from you. Everyone talks about how we need to “change our culture,” yet it is going to take each of us participating in this effort to create a great airline. With your input, we will develop a direction for US Airways that ensures our future success and a strong, positive culture. Here are some questions to consider, but please use your own voice, cover the topics that are important to you and be as brief or as detailed as you choose:

  • How do we ensure our employees feel valued and engaged?

  • How do we best communicate with you?

  • How do we ensure a successful integration of the two airlines? In other words, what will success look like to you?

  • How do we ensure our customers consider US Airways a leader in customer service?

  • What do you expect from your senior leadership (director and officer level)?

  • What do you expect from your local leadership (supervisors, managers)?

    Lastly, what do you expect from your peers, both in your department and in other departments?

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