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2017 Game Changers: Katie Traviglia

By Kellye Whitney

Jun. 26, 2017

Katie Traviglia, New American Funding
Katie Traviglia, director of human resources at New American Funding in Tustin, California

There’s a reason why some leaders earn accolades and some don’t. Very often those leaders, those award-winning organizational members, stand out in some way. It could be that leader has a trait that brings about something special by way of results in their department, their company or even in their industry.

It could be the leader heads up an employee referral bonus program that contributes to a 70 percent retention rate for new hires. Or, perhaps that leader — we’re talking about Katie Traviglia, director of human resources for New American Funding — designed a high impact managerial survey.

Data from that survey shapes leadership development programs that promote team building and advanced-level skills in mortgages, compliance and regulatory matters.

Or, it could be something else. Those kinds of leaders, special leaders like Traviglia, 34, often earn their particular spotlight because they are generous in sharing that spotlight with others.

“It’s not any one person who’s a game changer,” she said. “The whole company is game changing. We’re a group of amazing individuals who all work together … in an innovative organization led by amazing leaders. I’m the lucky person who gets to lead the human resources department.”

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Kellye Whitney is associate editorial director for Workforce.

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