2017 Game Changer: Jay Fortuna

By Bravetta Hassell

Jun. 26, 2017

Jay Fortuna, The Horton Group
Jay Fortuna, president and chief learning officer, JADO Solutions, Chicago

When Jay Fortuna stepped into his role as director of training and development at The Horton Group, he didn’t just carry on with business as usual. Fortuna, 32, wanted to be transformative. No stranger to a challenge many insurance companies face, Horton Group dealt with difficulties attracting and developing new insurance agents and brokers. Without an ability to effectively develop talent organically, keeping the privately held brokerage independent would be nearly impossible.

In response to this reality, Fortuna got to work on creating a road map, so to speak. In developing the Journey to Validation program, Fortuna laid out everything that must be accomplished by new sales executives in their first three years of employment to ensure long-term success. The journey takes a blended learning approach and is made up of four stages to shape Horton’s new employees from Day One through their validation with company.

Although Fortuna is on a new path at JADO Solutions, he firmly established a learning culture at Horton. And to think Fortuna rolled out the fully polished program in his first six months with the organization.

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