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2017 Game Changer: David Ziebler

By Camaron Santos

Jun. 26, 2017

As a certified organizational development specialist, David Ziebler works to enhance the onboarding and assimilation of team members at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Ziebler has been credited with kick-starting and implementing an organizational development curriculum available to staff and faculty across the entire university.

David Ziebler, HR associate, organizational development specialist, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, Illinois

After four years at the university, Ziebler, 35, has worked on an innovative 10-month leadership development program for health care administrators within the organization, a new employee orientation program  and other advanced initiatives that work toward organizational development and culture.

As a result of Ziebler’s drive and desire to exceed expectations, his efforts to expand organizational culture and development have incorporated leadership. He has attained several accreditations, including designated master trainer, consulting and coaching certifications, and certified emotional intelligence assessor.

SIU’s School of Medicine has garnered new coaching for managers and leaders, as well as matrixed committees for facilitating development of the organizationwide employee oWorkforce Game Changer 2017 Logonboarding system.

As one of Ziebler’s colleagues put it, the strides that their office has made in the organizational development arena would not have occurred if it weren’t for his approach and passion for continuous improvement.

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