2017 Game Changer: David Holden

By Rick Bell

Jun. 26, 2017

David Holden, Director, HR technology, benefits & administration, Crowley Maritime Jacksonville, Florida
David Holden, director of HR technology, benefits and administration at Crowley Maritime, in Jacksonville, Florida

Being tasked with heading HR technology, benefits or administration for a company of 5,000 people would be a full-time job for most anybody.

Apparently David Holden isn’t just anybody, though. Holden, 39, is responsible for all three disciplines — HR tech, benefits and employee programs — as well as compensation.

His estimable workload hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Holden and his team have been recognized for a number of awards both regionally and nationally, including the National Best and Brightest Award in Wellness in 2016.

Holden has implemented onsite virtual health kiosks — think telemedicine — a “live well” employee well-being program and he has placed a heavy emphasis on financial wellness for his employees.

With a push for employee advocacy, Holden is adding something else to his already full plate: challenging the status quo.

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