Medical & Hospital Staff Scheduling Software

We make hospital staff scheduling fast & easy.

Quickly build error-free shift schedules with scheduling software for hospitals and healthcare. Automatically account for demand and for the employee medical skills and certifications required. Simplify leave management, shift swapping, and team communication.

Fast and error-free scheduling for your hospital staff.

Eliminate long hours on tedious paperwork and spreadsheets. Build staff schedules in half the time with a simple employee scheduling platform.

  • From rotation scheduling to managing shifts in different locations, do it all in one online system.

  • Avoid accidentally assigning shifts to medical staff on leave. When building schedules, the platform automatically displays which employees are unavailable.

Simplify leave and shift swapping.

Never miss a leave request from your staff again.

  • Staff can easily request leave or update availability via the mobile app. See requests as they come in and approve them in a few clicks.

  • Have a last-minute absence? The platform will offer the open shift to available, qualified staff. They get notified and can accept the shift through the app.

  • Stay on budget even with unforeseen absences. See the cost of potential staff swaps so you can address the gap without going over budget.

Build schedules according to live demand insights.

  • The employee scheduling platform can integrate with your existing systems to forecast staffing needs based on patient appointments, scheduled procedures, and bed occupancy.

  • Easily schedule staff according to the medical skills needed for the day’s line-up of procedures and treatment. Indicate specific skills or certifications needed on a particular shift.

  • Avoid risks of understaffing. See demand and labour costs unfold in real-time using the Live Wage Tracker, allowing you to optimise operations as the day unfolds.

  • Prevent unnecessary labour costs. Receive alerts when an employee’s schedule is at risk of going overtime.

Ensure seamless communication among healthcare employees.

  • Provide a platform where medical staff can communicate time-critical information across teams.

  • Whether it’s about patient care, an upcoming operation, or just a clarification about the shift, let doctors, nurses, and physicians chat via the app.

Integrate with your POS, payroll, and HR systems

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.