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Quickly schedule staff to bookings & reservations, backfill callouts with shift swapping, and hit your labor cost goals.

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Prevent short staffing

  • With demand-based scheduling, you can match your staffing levels to anticipated sales and reservations. AI-driven predictions help you schedule more efficiently, meaning you'll always have the right amount of staff on hand to meet customer needs.

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Tackle rising labor costs

  • Stick to your budget with forecasted seasonal demand and map labor costs to sales in real-time. Control your labor costs without sacrificing guest experience by cutting down on overtime and overstaffing.

Easily keep staff in the loop

  • Share announcements, communicate with teams, and send shift reminders – all within your scheduling system rather than email or SMS. Minimize confusion and facilitate quick communication among everyone connected through a centralized app.

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Quickly backfill no call no shows

  • With shift swapping, staff can instantly backfill themselves with other qualified team members if they can't make a shift. Managers won't waste time calling and texting every staff member to try and find a last-minute replacement.

Ensure staff complete maintenance

  • Assign task checklists to qualified staff and track completion progress throughout shifts. Always know where and when cleaning and maintenance work gets done, even when you're not on-site.

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What's Included

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  • Employee Scheduling

    Labor Forecasting

    Task Management


  • Shift Swapping

    Open Shift Bidding

    Leave Management

    Schedule Templates

  • POS Integration


    Labor Cost Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does ensure real-time scheduling for hotel staff? features a real-time dashboard allowing hotel managers to make schedule changes promptly. Managers can track wage costs, identify schedule gaps, and flag overtime risks; all of this ensures your staff scheduling remains responsive to customer needs throughout the day.

Can integrate with other systems used by our hotel?

Yes, our employee scheduling software offers integrations with various systems commonly used in the hospitality industry, including POS, HRIS, ATS, and payroll systems. However, it is best practice to reduce your tech stack and use a single system like for all of your staff management needs.

Does have time tracking?

Yes, has a time clock that can be used on any phone or tablet. When staff clock in and clock out, automatically generates timesheets that can be used for processing payroll.

What functionality does the mobile app offer?

The mobile app provides on-the-go access to scheduling features, allowing hotel staff to view work schedules, swap shifts, request time off, and receive shift notifications. Staff can also update their personal details and clock in to shifts with the Time and Attendance module.

How does help with forecasting work schedules?’s machine learning algorithm uses weather, seasonality, economic trends, and imported historical sales data to build demand forecasts that help you schedule smarter. This optimization helps prevent overstaffing or understaffing, ultimately saving costs and improving efficiency.

Does handle employee availability and time-off requests?

Yes, employees can input their unavailability and request time off on their mobile devices. Managers can view, approve, and track upcoming time off on the schedule, as well as take into account unavailability when scheduling shifts.

Does help with onboarding new hotel employees?

Yes, streamlines new hire onboarding through a self-service process on the mobile app. Staff can enter their personal details, bank information, and more - all of which is then approved by a manager. Once onboarded, they can immediately be scheduled for work.

How does handle open shifts and absences?

Managers can offer open shifts to their workforce via a bidding process to help expedite scheduling. If someone is absent for a shift, managers can easily send out a replacement request to all available and qualified personnel on the app.

Is customer support available with

You’ll get a dedicated implementation consultant to help you set up when you first sign up. Afterward, you’ll have access to 24/7 support channels to assist with any inquiries or issues.

Can the software be accessed on Android devices?

Yes, the software is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Does assist in credit card and payment processing for hospitality businesses?

While credit card and payment processing may not be directly managed by, it does integrate with a wide variety of POS systems.

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