Automated Leave Averaging

Tired of manually calculating leave hours and pay?

Stop with the spreadsheets. Get rid of the headaches. Have holiday hours and pay for staff without fixed hours calculated for you. Automatically.

Stay compliant with UK legislation without lifting a finger.

Adhering to the government's guidelines on holiday pay for employees with irregular working hours can be exhausting. With’s automatic leave averaging, you stay compliant by giving your staff the right holiday hours and pay- ensuring that no one is disadvantaged.

Hours of manual effort saved.

Businesses can spend over an hour calculating the 52-week average of hours and cost for one leave request. With, all calculations are automated using existing Workforce data, eliminating the need for manual effort.

Streamline your leave management.

Save time and ensure compliance by automating holiday pay calculations for your zero-hour staff members. It's never been easier.

52 Week Leave Averaging

" This is a great feature and with no doubts at all would easily save us hours of work"

— Richard Weeks, General Manager, Hunley Hotel & Golf Club

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