Higher productivity for happier customers

Focus on the employee without compromising the customer. Optimise frontline operations to reduce labour costs and increase revenue while delivering superior customer service.

Stop over and under staffing

Use historic sales, foot traffic, and weather data to forecast the ratio of staff you’ll need to meet customer demand. Visibility like this makes it easy to schedule the right staff at the right times per role, team, and location - helping you maximise revenue and increase customer satisfaction

Prevent call outs and backfill quickly

Staff can claim vacant shifts and request coverage all in one place with managerial approval. They’ll see relinquished wages, making them less likely to call out - and if they do, managers can easily notify, offer bonuses to, and select replacements in just a few taps, reducing admin time and improving attendance.

Make accurate staffing decisions in real time

Get real time alerts for no shows, late arrivals, overtime, and incorrect staffing levels. These live inisights equip managers with the tools they need to accurately react to staffing and attendance issues on the frontline, improving overall efficiency and cutting down on labour costs.

Get workforce visibility across all locations

Schedule staff across multiple locations and track workforce analytics in real time to pinpoint where and when attendance and productivity issues occur. This all-in-one visibility makes it easy to cut down on labour costs and maximise revenue.

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