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Run payroll in minutes with automated adjustments, self-service for staff details, and incomplete timesheet reminders.

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Most of the payroll process can be done before payroll.

Chasing timesheets, manual adjustments, and re-entering data significantly slow down paying staff accurately. Do these before payroll by letting staff update their own details and timesheets, as well as auto calculate complex pay conditions like multiple overtime rates and splitting tips by hours worked.

Always have employee details without double entry

  • Onboarding & Self-Service lets staff update their own details in the same system as payroll. That way you don't need to re-enter employee info, chase new staff for their W-4s, or delay payroll again.

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No manual adjustments

  • Calculate weighted average overtime automatically instead of at the highest rate, as well as auto assign cost centers based on team or location worked. It means you can process payruns without tinkering and run accurate payroll fast for hourly staff.

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Never wait for completed timesheets

  • Alerts remind staff to fill out missing times based on scheduled hours, while managers are prompted to approve timesheets each day. It means you aren't following up staff for missing or unapproved timesheets, so you can always run payroll quickly.

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Let staff help themselves

  • With Self-serivce, staff can instantly see their own paystubs, timesheets, and PTO. That way you don't need to waste time being a middleman between staff and their own info.

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Auto-split tips based on hours worked

  • Automatically split tip pools based on hours worked within a team or location. That way you don't have to process exrta payruns, and you know staff will be paid correctly and fairly.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

You'll get a dedicated implementation consultant to help you bring across your employee details, pay rates, and teams. Your historical balances can also be imported, including leave, benefits, deductions, tax filings, and withholdings.

Once the basic set up is complete, your dedicated implementation consultant will be on call for your initial pay runs to ensure everything runs smoothly.

What's Included

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  • W-2s & 1099s

    Direct Deposit

    Full Service Tax Filing

    Paid Time Off

    Wage Garnishment


  • Benefits


    Off-Cycle & Retropay

    Employee Self Service

    Retirement Savings Accounts

    Payroll Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is employee scheduling software?

The best employee scheduling software makes it simple to create staff work schedules, fill shifts, see scheduling conflicts, distribute schedules, view time off, reconcile timesheets, manage shift changes, and improve team communication- all on a single, cloud-based platform. It allows you to dive deeper into your scheduling process with tools and data to help prevent time theft, optimize staffing levels, control labor costs, and align labor to forecasted demand.

How much does cost?

To find out what will work best for your business needs, visit our pricing page to request a quote.

How does workforce scheduling software reduce labour costs?

In so many ways. Here are a few: You can see wage costs in real-time and adjust staffing levels as needed. You can also stay on budget by viewing wage costs per team, per week, or per location. Moreover, demand-based scheduling helps you appropriately match scheduled labor to forecasted sales to ensure you are never over or understaffed. Finally, it helps you choose best-fit employees for shifts based on their hourly rates, qualifications, and overtime risk.

Where does get its demand data to use in staffing forecasts?

To see sales data on your schedule, integrates with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system. After importing all your sales data, our machine learning algorithm uses it to generate demand predictions up to four weeks out.

What size businesses use

While small businesses and large enterprises use, our platform best suits shift-based organizations with 20-3,000 staff, primarily in retail, hospitality, and healthcare. Organizations with a large number of employees typically use’s all-in-one HCM package, as it gives managers more control over and deeper insight into their workforce management operations.

How many employees can you schedule with

You can schedule as many employees as you need with No matter the staff count, rest assured that we can handle it.

Is there a mobile app for IOS and Android?

Yes! The employee scheduling app is available on all mobile devices. Team members can view their schedules, drop shifts, pick up shifts, and request time off right from their phone.

Is easy to use?

Yes! We designed our software to streamline shift work for hourly employees; this means our software is accessible, intuitive, and highly user-friendly.

How do you communicate with employees using lets human resource managers broadcast announcements to locations and teams so that important training and policy information can reach the right people at the right time. Employees also receive alerts on time-sensitive scheduling updates such as open shift opportunities, call-outs, new schedules, and approved time off requests.

What are some additional resources on work scheduling software?

Check out these Ebooks & whitepapers on modern scheduling solutions, watch a webinar on how to optimize your staff scheduling, or read up on the latest employee scheduling tips and news here.

I use Excel to schedule my staff. Is something like really necessary?

Absolutely. Even if you don’t use all of the scheduling features and shift management tools available to you, simply building schedules from scratch takes much less time than in Excel – in some cases, 80% less time. If user-friendly, fast, and easily distributable scheduling is important to you, you’ll want to ditch spreadsheets in no time.

Does this sync with time-tracking tools?

Yes - in fact, it’s the most important integration you can have with a scheduling tool.'s scheduling and time tracking work in unison to perfectly schedule employee shifts and monitor employee hours and wage costs; this is essential for seeing absenteeism in real time. With time clock data constantly feeding into the scheduling system, managers can actively track employee time from live clock-ins, compare scheduled vs. actual hours worked, and react appropriately to fill vacant shifts.

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