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Connect best-of-breed scheduling to payroll, HRIS, point of sale systems, and more. All integrations are purpose built and maintained inhouse.

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Specialises in implementing software solutions for hospitality and retail.


Efficiently manage your payroll and fulfil your auto enrolment duties.


Simplify your payroll process with Buddy to pay people correctly, fairly, and on time.


Centegra gives you the flexibility to create a platform that is entirely tailored to your restaurant operations.


Taps into your Clover sales data to build a data-driven schedule optimal for your business.


Deliver engaging training to staff to ensure completion, streamline onboarding, and boost productivity.


Receive tailored advice and solutions for your business to boost efficiency, save on costs, and increase revenue.


Manage expense claims for your team while automating receipt collection for your team.


Pull sales data from Goodtill to create costed schedules that match your needs.

ICR Touch

Import sales data automatically for improved labour cost reporting rotas.

Intuit QuickBooks

Easily export timesheets into QuickBooks to simplify payroll processing.

KATAMI Consultancy

A one-stop shop to take your hospitality, leisure, or retail business to the next level.


Strengthen your reporting and grow your business, combining sales data with your rotas.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Sync sales from Lightspeed to build cost-optimised rotas and report on labour cost.


Solving staffing challenges by connecting companies with a growing generation of talent looking to work more flexibly.


Export your timesheet data collected in Workforce to Moneysoft, automating the calculation of overtime.

NCR Aloha

NCR Aloha offers kitchen solutions, digital ordering, robust reporting, analytics, & efficient management tools.

Nourish Care

Nourish were one of the first recognised as an NHSX accredited supplier for the Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) DPS at launch.


Connect Workforce to Omnivore's POS Integration Marketplace to import sales and order data.


Ordermate delivers simplicity through Point of Sale technology that just works


Hospitality accounting, analysis, advice, and tools to make your business thrive.

PiE Digital

Provides tailor-made innovative IT solutions to support digital transition and drive growth, both online and in-store.


Connect pointOne for improved scheduling using our predictive demand tool and labour cost analytics.

Q Accountants

Modern accounting services for businesses in the hospitality sector UK-wide and in the United States.


Tanda API taps into your Redcat sales data to build a Predictive Workforce™ model to create rosters that reflect exactly how many staff you need at any time.

Revel Systems

Connect your sales data to build a predictive workforce™ model, automatically creating optimized schedules.


A comprehensive cloud-based venue management software tailored for growing attraction businesses.

Sage 50

Export staff timesheets and leave requests in minutes, eliminating manual data entry and errors.


Analyze your sales data and predict your staff schedule for better workforce management.


Integrates and partner with leading technologies to deliver best of breed POS platforms purpose built for venues.

Team Tailor

Optimise hiring through Teamtailor's fully customisable recruitment workflows for all types of businesses.


Level up your scheduling in with Tenzo’s AI forecasting engine.


Import sales and order data from Tevalis to predict demand for future rostering.


Distribute tips easily and fairly to make staff happier while staying compliant with UK legislation.


Complete fast digital Right to Work checks through TrustID, a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP).

Twice Baked

Operational, strategic and technological partnerships to help restaurateurs thrive.

Vita Mojo

Use your Vita Mojo Food & Drink transaction data to write high performing rotas and predict future sales.


Improve employee financial wellness by providing on-demand access to earned wages before payday.

Williams Stanley & Co

Modern accounting services for businesses in the hospitality sector UK-wide and in the United States.


Automate data entry and reduce payroll stress with one-click timesheet exports.


With more than 8,000 people, a distribution network exceeding 2,000 Partners worldwide and more than 700,000 customers.