Time and Attendance Software

Accurate time & attendance for faster payroll.

Stop worrying about payroll errors, incomplete timesheets, and out-of-control labor costs. Start managing employee time and attendance in real-time, with real automation.

Track employee hours

Automatically record time punches over phone or tablet.

Monitor attendance in real-time

Track time and attendance throughout the day with a live time clock feed.

Quickly approve timesheets

Automatically approve correct timesheets in bulk across multiple locations.

Export to payroll in minutes

Send timesheets for payroll processing via a simple integration.

Record accurate attendance via kiosk or mobile app

  • Workforce.com’s Kiosk App lets you set up an on-site tablet where employees can clock in and out using a pin number and photo identification.

  • With the Workforce.com Mobile App, employees can clock in and out of shifts, request time off, check schedules, and approve timesheets - all right from their personal IOS and Android devices.

  • Eliminate time theft and buddy punching for good. Utilize geofencing, photo identification, and biometric facial recognition on the mobile app to ensure data integrity.

  • Automatically translate all staff time data to electronic timecards after every shift.

Quickly identify and solve frontline issues

  • Stay on top of absences and no-shows with real-time data. Receive alerts whenever employees clock in and out too early, too late, or not at all, and take action accordingly.

  • Easily manage call-outs by offering open shifts to other employees via shift swapping functionality in the Workforce.com app.

  • Avoid breaches in labor compliance with automated alerts whenever employees hit overtime or miss scheduled breaks.

  • Prompt staff members to provide feedback on what did and didn’t go well every time they clock out. Get insights on staffing levels, communication, teamwork, and more.

View and manage wage costs in real-time

  • Check wage and hour variances on all electronic timesheets to drill down where and when employees deviate from their scheduled hours.

  • Review how much a shift costs with every clock out, for every employee.

  • See how much you are spending on labor per employee, per team, per location, for every shift.

  • Receive notifications whenever you are about to incur overtime costs

Maximize employee self-service

  • Lock in wage & hour data immediately. Employees generate electronic timesheets on a daily basis when they clock in and out - no more calculating and submitting time at the end of the week or month.

  • Staff can update their bank details, personal information, and emergency contacts directly from their phone.

  • Empower staff to review their hours and update their timesheets with the Workforce.com mobile app. All changes are then published with managerial approval.

  • Employees can submit time-off requests through the Workforce.com app, and managers can easily view all recorded time off on timesheets.

Streamline timesheet approvals

  • Staff can review and request changes to their timesheets on a daily basis, catching errors before they reach payroll.

  • Auto-approve timesheets in bulk using specific parameters to quickly filter through correct timesheets and highlight those that need managerial attention.

  • Edit values within any timesheet to ensure employees are paid correctly for the time they work and publish all changes immediately to keep payroll running smoothly.

Integrate with payroll and HR software

  • Quickly pay staff what they’re owed - on time, with no errors. Choose from our library of payroll integrations and connect Workforce.com directly to your payroll software.

  • Export approved timesheets to payroll in minutes, accounting for things like employee time off, allowances, deductions, and more.

  • Keep your human resource platform as the single source of truth by integrating it with Workforce.com. Import & sync leave balances, employee certifications, teams, and locations to jumpstart your workforce management.

Avoid compliance risks automatically.

  • Never underpay your staff again. Workforce.com automatically calculates total hours worked, overtime rates, break penalties, and more, creating a paper trail that protects against audits and lawsuits.

  • Easily track paid and unpaid breaks, and receive alerts whenever breaks are missed.

  • Automatically comply with minor laws, maximum hour rules, fair workweek, and the FLSA.

  • Pay staff according to rates based on their respective locations, even if they work across multiple sites.

A time and attendance system that optimizes your workforce

Precise time and attendance fuels your workforce management. Use real-time data, pinpoint accuracy, and industry-leading automation to meet your business needs.

Control labor costs

Save on labor costs without compromising productivity. Only pay staff for the time they've worked with drill-down data and live insights into how your labor costs are utilized.

Reduce errors

Eliminate wage & hour errors with user-friendly automation. Timesheet editing and auto-approvals make it easier for frontline staff to get payroll right the first time - no more issues with retro pay.

Improve visibility

Give management the tools they need to properly monitor time and attendance on the frontline. See which employees are working where in real-time, and create reports to identify specific trends in things like absenteeism and overtime.

Stay compliant

Easily prevent wage & hour violations with automated labor compliance that handles paid and unpaid breaks, overtime rules, minor laws, and more.

Case Study: Payroll in 1/4 of the time.

"Being able to see who’s there, when they took their break or didn’t take the break at the right time has been a huge help. What was half a day for me, sorting out payroll is now an hour at most and a fraction of what I was dealing with before."

— Dickie O’Reilly, Spyder Surf

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of integrating time and attendance with payroll?

A solid integration between these two is essential. Dedicated time tracking software provides payroll solutions with more accurate data by verifying all hours with robust approval and editing functionality, meaning timesheets are error-free before hitting payroll. This helps businesses avoid retro pay and compliance issues following the payroll process.

How much does Workforce.com cost?

Pricing always includes access to the entire platform and all future updates - no hidden costs, no extras. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Why is time and attendance important?

Tracking time and attendance is a core business function. It makes jobs easier, reduces errors, prevents breaches in labor compliance, and saves on managerial overhead. Accurately tracking time and attendance is also important for controlling labor costs, as it helps eliminate time theft, pinpoints areas of overspending, and reigns in absenteeism.

Can I manage multiple locations in Workforce.com?

Yes, very easily! You have the ability to set up as many teams and locations as you need on Workforce.com. With a live time clock feed, you can see who is clocking in and out at every location. At the end of the pay period, you can view timesheets per location, or, view all your timesheets at once and filter by location.

Can I export timesheets to a spreadsheet instead of directly to a payroll software?

Absolutely Workforce.com. gives you the flexibility you need when it comes to exporting timesheets. Export to your choice of payroll system, or if the need arises, simply export employee time in Excel spreadsheet form.

How do I record an employee’s clock-in and clock-out location?

Workforce.com's mobile app uses GPS tracking, meaning it captures the exact location of an employee each time they clock in and clock out. It does not track an employee’s location throughout a shift; rather, it only records in-the-moment GPS data with every punch of the time clock.

How does time and attendance software prevent time theft?

Several ways. Geofencing functionality lets you define clock in areas to ensure that employees are beginning shifts in their designated workplaces. Photo identification and optional biometric face scanning confirm the identity of the person clocking in as well, eliminating buddy punching.

What size businesses typically use Workforce.com’s time and attendance?

The software is suited for everyone - from small businesses to organizations with 10,000+ staff. Workforce.com scales to your timekeeping requirements, offering user-friendly navigation on the front end and robust data management on the back end.

Where can I find more information about hourly employee time and attendance?

Glad you asked! Check out our news section for the latest on time management tips and trends, read one of our many whitepapers on employee attendance management, or watch one of our webinars on What Metrics to Track for Hourly Workforces.