Employee Onboarding

Simple & paperless employee onboarding.

Enrich your employee onboarding experience and say goodbye to paperwork.

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Make the first step count

It’s all about getting it right—from filing a new hire’s details to providing a good onboarding experience overall. An employee’s first day doesn’t have to be all about filling out forms and getting information overload, reading company rules and policies. Keep it simple.

Simplify onboarding for managers and new hires.

Set the right tone for new staff, and at the same time avoid oversights and time spent on admin work for managers.

Accurate information minus the paper stack.

Say goodbye to long forms and paperwork. Go digital and collect personal information, bank details, addresses, and integrate them into your payroll system in one go.

Our platform also verifies that all information given is valid, correct, and complete.

Submission with a few clicks.

Whether through phone or computer, new staff can provide required information within clicks, giving them more time to prepare for their first day and new role.

Ease new staff into company policies and culture.

Learning a company’s systems and culture goes beyond a day. Help your new staff get familiar with how you do things. Send the necessary documents they need to acknowledge or read before their first working day.

Get to know employees better.

From hobbies to food restrictions, you can learn more about your new staff through our employee onboarding tool.

With just a quick set up, you can ask questions to new team members. Take note of details that can help in creating an excellent working experience for them.

Integrate with your POS, payroll, and HR systems

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.