Backfill call outs ASAP

Prevent understaffing and capture more revenue with shift replacement software that solves call outs for good.

Prevent call outs before they happen

Staff can see the wages they’ll miss out on with every call-out request, making them less likely to call-out in the first place. With fewer call outs, you’ll avoid the long wait times, unhappy customers, and revenue loss that come with being understaffed.

Automatically fill call outs in minutes

Alert available staff via mobile app whenever someone calls out, allowing them to claim vacant shifts in a single tap. Managers don't have to spend hours calling and texting to find replacements, ultimately improving efficiency and staffing levels.

Find the best replacements

Limit who can claim vacant shifts based on role qualifications, and sort all potential replacements by lowest hourly rate. These features help you cost-effectively replace call outs with the right staff, keeping your wage costs low and your customers happy.

Ensure staff show up on time, every time

Notify staff with shift reminders, collect read receipts, and track punctuality to prevent mistakes that lead to understaffed shifts. Doing this eliminates confusion and ensures better attendance in the workplace.

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