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Wavemill Healthcare
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Wavemill Healthcare is a social care organisation that was spending countless hours building rotas and running payroll through pen-to-paper methods of manually adding up employee hours and pay. Today, they use to digitally manage their workforce management processes which gives them full visibility into what’s happening within the business and has saved countless hours each week - allowing them to deliver the highest quality of care to their residents.

Products used

  • Scheduling
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee App
  • Shift Replacement


    Wavemill Healthcare was tired of the manual effort in calculating hours & pay for staff. They decided to ditch manually adding up staff hours, leave time, overtime bonuses, and more and transitioned to a digital approach. After looking into several platforms, the team selected their highest rated prospect,, which enabled Wavemill not only to go paper-free but to save countless hours of manual labour, all while upleveling the teams' reporting and overall visibility of the business.

    "They [] know that running a care home is not easy and anything they can do to help the managers, the teams on the floor, and the directors… they’ve done. The whole organisation has bought into it."

    - Shan Visram, Director, Wavemill Healthcare